Do you want to build a Custom Sub Woofer Box that is far superior to any stock boxes you can buy in a store? And build it for a fraction of the price you would pay for a brand name? If so, tell me what you want and I will show you how to do it!

I want to know exactly what you want in your custom sub woofer box. If you send me your feedback, I will send you a free copy of my upcoming book "How to build a custom subwoofer enclosure" absolutely free of charge.

You will find the following information in this end to end book on creating custom sub boxes:

  • Learn how to build a sub woofer with little or no experience at all!
  • Learn how to build a subwoofer for pennies - using wood, fiberglass and / or plastic!
  • Learn how to build a woofer that maximizes the sound in your car!
  • Find out what sub woofer design will be the best to build for your trunk, car, or truck!
  • Create a subwoofer design that can easily be mass produced that you can sell to custom audio shops!
  • Discover what woofer design is best depending on the speaker, and environment!
  • Reveal subwoofer enclosure plans used by the hottest sub woofer manufacturers!
  • Build subwoofer enclosures that can allow any woofer size to be added without having to destroy the box!
  • Protect your subwoofer enclosure with simple carpeting and "hardening" techniques!
  • Learn how you custom subwoofer enclosure can actually prevent theft of your stereo and car!
  • Design truck and car subwoofer enclosures that match the style, year, and model of your vehicle!
  • Fiberglass subwoofer enclosures safely that will last forever!
  • Harden fiberglass subwoofer enclosure properly to prevent cracking!
  • Find out why a diy subwoofer will always perform better than a generic stock box!
  • Learn how to test a subwoofer box enclosure before sealing it forever!
  • Find out how to build a subwoofer box that seals the speaker with zero pressure leakage!
  • Make a subwoofer box design that makes the best use of space in your vehicle without compromising sound quality!
  • Find out how the hobby of subwoofer box building can turn into a lucrative business!
  • Learn just how easy building a subwoofer box can really be with only a few tools!
  • Fiberglass subwoofer boxes right into the body structure of your vehicle!
  • Create subwoofer box designs with embedded LED lights and custom designs!
  • Learn how to get a custom sub enclosure built for you professionally with your specifications!
  • Steal proven sub box designs that work, without having to pay thousands in a store!
  • Think about how to build a sub box with new features to maximize punch!
  • Find out how to make a sub box out of scrap materials for free!
  • When building a sub box, you also want to know how to wire it without sacrificing quality of sound!
  • Demystify the free subwoofer box calculators so you know what to do with the information!

Just fill in the information below to tell me what the most important thing(s) is to you in the list above, and I will make sure this gets covered in detail in the final version of the book.

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- Chris Botterill

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